Our Mission

Move Physio offers high-quality care through manual therapy and a personalized, hands-on approach. By assessing and treating all contributing factors to a condition, we can restore function, enhance ability and prevent future problems.

Our Rapid Recovery Method

Why choose MOVE?

A unique approach

While most clinicians only focus on the painful area, we look much broader to address the root issues throughout multiple systems and regions.

Experienced staff

With decades of experience, our licensed staff members provide a refreshing approach to an array of unique and specialized services.

MOVE Physio has early morning and late night appointments available.


I cannot say enough...

You have helped me when I thought there was no help available. Especially after trying so many other avenues. I feel fantastic! I feel better and better after every visit! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

This is by far the best...

“I've been to several PT Facilities in this area and out. This is by far the most caring facility to accommodate my needs. It is also very clean and professional.”

Directly to the point.

“Excellent understanding and knowledge of his profession. He has exercises and tasks that no other physical therapist has had me do before and they work the targeted area. Very knowledgeable and establishes the one-on-one connection with the patient.”

Our Team