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Close the Gap – Preganancy and Diastasis Recti

Notice a bulge in your abdomen post delivery? It could be diastasis recti, which develops initially post-pregnancy due to lack of strength in your lower abdominal muscles (transverse abdominis, obliques, deep fibers of psoas and quadratus lumborum) that work as a corset to support the anterior structures and lumbo-pelvic spine. In the third trimester as… Read more »

Why Your Doctor May Not Recommend Physical Therapy

There are many instances with common orthopaedic conditions in which a physician (MD) may not suggest physical therapy.  They may even say you shouldn’t go… and I can’t blame them. Many patients have returned to their physician in worse condition after weeks of physical therapy. Why is this?  Standard physical therapy, at times, may consist… Read more »

Pregnancy is no excuse for back pain

Pregnant with low back pain? Uncomfortable with being in one position for long? Afraid to keep taking medications because you are worried you’ll hurt the baby? Difficult to continue to function and keep up with physical activities? Back pain during pregnancy is very common. You are going through a lot physiological changes in your body,… Read more »

Your Neck Isn’t the Problem

Your neck hurts and yet it’s not the problem.  If anything, your neck has been doing a great job of picking up more than its fair share of load and range of motion.  Neck pain results from the neck compensating for other structures in the body.  The structures are not doing their job. Restrictions and… Read more »

5 Warning Signs You’re Wasting Your Time in PT

Are you questioning whether you are receiving the best care with your current physical therapy clinic?  Co-pays and time spent add up quickly.  Is it paying off in terms of making measurable changes in your life?  Here are 5 warning signs that you are wasting your time: Every session is the same: This is a… Read more »

Cut It Out: Hamstring Stretches!

It’s got to be the most common stretch of all time…and potentially the most worthless. “…but my hamstrings are always so tight!”   First, let’s explore why most people have tightness in the back of their thighs.  In my experience it usually involves poor mobility of your Sciatic Nerve.  This thick nerve runs down the… Read more »

Instant Gratification – Pick Your Test!

In an industry where it is normal to only expect results after a month or two of seemingly mindless stretching and exercising, at Move Physio, we’re quite different. We love instant gratification. When someone comes to see me for the first time, at the consultation, it usually becomes pretty clear to them how very different… Read more »

3 of the Worst Shoulder Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff exercises (internal or external rotation) with a band.  Your rotator cuff is probably not weak or the reason you’re in pain  It is stressed out and overworking. Rotator cuff exercises for a painful shoulder will likely make things worse.  Almost every time a client who comes to us after having failed somewhere else… Read more »

Need to Stretch More? -maybe not

With better weather comes increased activity.  This is a good thing.  Once we resume our outdoor activities, we will often question what and how much stretching we should do.  We do this automatically thanks to such sources as elementary school gym teachers of the 70’s and 80’s, Richard Simmons, and years without sound research.  Many… Read more »

Bracing vs Stability

Truth: A person can be strong enough to lift 500 pound from the floor, but still throw out their back tying their shoe! ***How does this happen?  – WHY does this happen?*** The answer lies in the difference between the ability to brace and the ability to stabilize.  While both offer protection by preventing unwanted… Read more »

MOVE Into Spring

With nice changes in weather comes increased activity.  You have been bundled up and shivering throughout our Northeast winter, watching TV and playing with your phone while waiting for the weather to break.  Finally, Spring is here! Before you go outside and decide to run 5 miles, or hike up a mountain, or partake in… Read more »

Weak Ankles?

At MOVE Physical Therapy, we see a variety of orthopedic conditions in which we determine that the ankles and feet are at least partially responsible for. These conditions include knee, hip and even back pain. But what happens when the ankle has been injured, is weak or painful? As often as we see ankles with… Read more »