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Is Stress Slowing Down Your Recovery?

Recovering from an injury or physical ailment can be a huge source of stress. We often give in to the stress, dealing with the emotional and physical symptoms – the tension headaches, fatigue, mood swings… But, let’s take a look at how stress really effects our body. According to the American Psychological Association, stress has… Read more »

Allergy Season is Back!

Allergy Season is Back! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping and excitement is in the air… along with the pollen, dust, ragweed and the other common enemies to those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies. Each year, a lot of us look forward to getting out to smell the roses, but then… Read more »

Short Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

“Should I be stretching more?” As a physical therapist, this is a question that I am asked quite frequently. In the past, you would find a quick response and easy answer from most healthcare professionals or trainers – “Yes!” After all, isn’t routine stretching part of a healthy lifestyle and good for our flexibility? The… Read more »

Tart Cherry Juice

We have been promoting Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate to our patients for some time now. Here’s why: Anti-Inflammatory: Chronic inflammation is fairly common in our society of “no-pain, no-gain”.  The degenerative and sensitizing effects of chronic inflammation are well documented, however, so are the serious side-effects of the drugs that treat it.  There is a… Read more »

Store Launch!

We have added another option to make it even easier to get what you need! MOVE has always offered competitive rates with discounted packages and payment plans and now purchases can be made 24/7 through our new storefront. Treatment packages, copays and Strength Instruction classes are a few items contained there. The link is located… Read more »

Welcome to our new Website!

Our goal for this site is to provide a comprehensive resource of information for our past, present and future patient and clients.  We appreciate feedback and look forward to hearing what people think of the content, layout, etc.  Please share your thoughts!