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Excellent care. A wealth of knowledge. Worth the trip!
Anonymous Verified Client
Bronx County, NY
I went to Move with a shoulder injury. He didn't just focus on helping me regain basic function. He also taught me what to do to keep from re-injuring it when I got back to fully using it while Crossfitting. Thanks Move!
Dawn P.
Monroe, NY
I have had PT three times before for different areas, including my knees. I have never had the success in recovery of motion and reduction of pain before. The Doctor was intuitive and precise in his diagnostic procedures and plans. Highly recommended for a wonderful experience.
Annie K.
Tuxedo, NY
I haven't felt this good in over 2 years.
Thomas K.
Bergen County, NJ
Simply the best therapist. I have needed physical therapy many times since I was a teenager - I have finally experienced what it is like to get better. They take the time to understand what the true reason is for your pain and addresses the root cause (which may not be obvious at first) I highly recommend!
Laura C.
Highland Mills, NY
Move provides enough one-on-one care that you feel your issues are being addressed. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.
Samantha A.
Chester, NY
I had a wonderful experience and feel so much better than when I started. Highly recommended.
Kacey C.
Tuxedo Park, NY
Directly to the point. Excellent understanding and knowledge of the profession. They have exercises and tasks that no other physical therapist has had me do before and they work the targeted area. Very knowledgeable and establishes the one-on-one connection with the patient. Overall, I recommend move to anyone with an injury.
Anonymous Verified Client
I underwent an arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder due to adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). In just 2 months of post surgery, Move was able to help me rehabilitate my shoulder and increase my range of motion significantly, such as, raising my arm and putting it behind my back, which is the most difficult of all the movements. Very knowledgeable in this field of practice. I am satisfied with the results of my therapy. I highly recommend Move PT.
Fara R.
Harriman, NY
I had a back injury going on 8 months and was back and forth to the doctor with a supposed disc problem, After 2 visits I felt immediate results with Move and I have felt great since, have no pain, no medication and have not missed a day of work! I recommend them for anyone with pain.
Frederick R.
Monroe, NY
I saw significant improvement in my shoulder after just 1 visit. I was very impressed.
Ben G.
Westchester County, NY
On my first visit, he determined the cause of my neck pain and immediately reduced the pain. He is very good at analyzing a patient and addressing the underlying cause. I recommend Move very highly.
Monica B.
Bergen County, NJ
In late August I did a total hip replacement and needed local care. I was really hurt with lots of pain and really needed some critical physical therapy care to help me recover to go about my active lifestyle. I was down and out mentally and physically. Justin was great he covered his role as consultant, educator, administrator, and clinical scholar of Physical Therapy. His advanced skills in critical thinking in addition to the traditional care really made stronger and safe while I am still am under treatment and recovery. The office is well run and organized with state of the art technology which really leads to the main focus on patient care and recovery. He really cares about what he does and wants to get better and the feeling I got is the he will be continue to be tops and the best at his craft. I will be able to return work feeling great and I am grateful that Justin was there to help me heal.
Humberto G.
Monroe, NY
I visited MOVE PT for the first time and it went very well. The Doctor paid close attention to my movements to see how he can help with my issue. The doctor explained everything to me where I can understand what was wrong and what he can do to help me. I learned a lot with this one session and I look forward to my other sessions to see how my knee improves.
Juliette H.
Harriman, NY
Extraordinary care I am receiving at Move... has allowed me to return to my sport, Triathlon. Their knowledge and expertise has allowed me to be competitive while staying injury- free!! I am thankful for Move keeping me healthy and teaching me what I can do for myself to continue on this path!!
Nancy S.
Ridgewood, NJ
I came to Move after I injured my neck and back after hitting a deer. I travel from Goshen, which is inconvenient but well worth the trip. I have almost complete mobility in my neck and the pain has significantly improved in my back. He knows exactly what muscle to work on if there is pain and eliminates it. Calling him a genius in his field is no exaggeration. He has great passion for his work and we are lucky to have him in Orange County! Thank you for your dedication.
Kathleen Z.
Goshen, NY
The best Physical Therapist that I have ever seen, including those in New York City. He is really educated and motivated to get you back into doing whatever you were doing. Knows how to correct the SOURCE of the problem. Quite a gift to any community.
Anonymous Verified Client